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Customer Service

Recycling customers is expensive. So why not keep them? CTA knows that acquiring a new customer costs more than keeping a consistent relationship with your current customers. We focus on quality interactions with your customers at every opportunity so that every customer is a loyal one. Let CTA handle your customer care needs. We guarantee we will exceed your customer’s expectations, no matter what industry you are in.

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The Impact of a Relationship

We understand the value of building a positive and helpful relationship with each of your customers and are willing to go the extra mile to keep them engaged in your brand. Our team of US based customer care experts are trained to listen first, deliver empathy, and provide outstanding direction and support. Our customer service team is highly focused on customer relationship management in order to achieve the highest customer satisfaction scores possible.

Professional Quality Assurance Springfield Missouri
Quality Relations Springfield Missouri

Incredible Customer Support that will Lower Your Costs

  • Highly trained team with Midwestern values
  • Highly engaged staff with low attrition
  • Customized training to fit your needs with continuous improvement
  • Low overhead to keep costs down
  • Focused on maintaining extremely fast response times and low wrap times
  • Agents trained to prioritize efficiency with first call resolutions
  • Excellent contact quality to deliver consistency and accuracy