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At CTA, we are primarily concerned with positively impacting our community by providing a family first culture that treats our employees as individuals. We truly believe there is great potential in everyone. Our growth provides the opportunity for our employees to better themselves and their families. Of equal importance, CTA is passionate about connecting our clients to their customers with drive and expertise; creating the best possible customer experience the industry can offer.

CTA is owned and run by Paul and Lori Patton who bring 30+ years of call center experience each to CTA’s core leadership. They put the highest importance on maintaining a culture that is beneficial to our clients, employees, and the overall success of the business. Under the Patton’s leadership, CTA is able to provide the latest advances in application development and IT support, customized call flows and training programs, high quality management, a talented quality assurance regiment,  and unparalleled client support. With this incredible infrastructure, CTA is able to transcend industries and successfully meet our client’s diverse needs. Just walk around our facility and meet our people, you will see how different CTA is from other call providers. We would love to meet you and discuss your business needs. Contact us today!

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