Frequently Asked Questions

CTA is equipped and experienced with all types of calling services. We can do inbound or outbound calling with a variety of objectives. We have many years of experience in inbound sales and have become experts in managing call wait times, average handling times, and overall sales performance and customer satisfaction scores. We also concurrently have been collecting experience in outbound sales where we have mastered the nuances of getting past the gate keeper, handling common reluctances, and improving sales performance. Our data strategy in outbound calling has allowed us to contact and sell to far more clients than our competitors. Common types of campaigns we have worked with have been: outbound package sales, appointment setting, business to business sales, business to customer sales, inbound booking sales, and customer service type calling. 

CTA’s flexible structure and years of experience in different markets give us the infrastructure to move across different industries with ease. We are happy to bring on business in almost any industry, because our process works. Some industries we have worked in include: vacation & travel, hotels, telecom, trucking, solar, mortgage, technology, insurance, and more! 

This all depends on you and your needs. There are some situations that make more sense to keep phone calls in house. Generally this is the case when the number of phone calls can be easily managed by one or two people. Now, when you start to see a need for several more than that, there are some real benefits to outsourcing with a call center. Here are just some of the biggest benefits to working with CTA: 
1. Reduced Cost
When you have a lot of calls coming in or going out you can generally cut costs way down by reducing overhead costs associated with hiring and employing a staff of calling agents, electronic devices for them to work on, systems development and maintenance, supervisors/managers to lead them and cost of rent and desk space for them to work. It turns all of these variable costs into one fixed cost that you can easily budget in. 
2. Increased Quality
CTA has the infrastructure in place to monitor live and recorded calls and develop agents consistently ensuring the highest quality possible. This is something a business may not be able to allocate resources toward. You will also find that wait times are lower which will lower customer frustration overall. 
3. Lower Abandonment and Wait Times
Working with CTA we will aim to keep wait times low and this will mean far fewer dropped calls and upset customers. We are experts at managing break time and attendance issues to ensure we always have available agents to assist your customers. 
4. Greater Performance
Whether the metrics you are most concerned with are sales per hour, close percentage, or customer satisfaction scores, you will find that CTA will deliver consistently excellent performance numbers that are extremely hard to maintain in house when you are focused on other parts of the business. 

Our rate generally includes many things that most clients are not aware of. To begin with people, it includes recruiting, hiring, training, and developing agents to excel in their product. We will also utilize our quality assurance department and supervisor teams to monitor these agents periodically and ensure they have extremely high quality. Let’s talk materials. If you would like us to, we will build a from scratch training platform that we know will bring people from beginner to phone ready as quickly as possible. We are also happy to develop calling scripts and sales process for you if you do not already have a solid process in place. We also include systems, reporting, and system maintenance and upkeep. We are willing to integrate with whatever system you are working with or help set you up with systems and reporting if you are needing this (depending on what we are developing or if we are utilizing 3rd party services this MAY come at an additional cost). There is so much more that goes into hiring, managing, and performing call center work that we include in our services, but this gives you an overview of some of the things we love to include for our clients!

Of course! We would love to have you into the call center to give you a tour anytime. When you become a client of ours, we have an open door policy and love when our partners stop by for meetings or just to say hi! 

Our highest priority is keeping our partners, their customers, and their businesses safe! We are completely PCI compliant in our call center which requires us to have a strict no electronics policy on our production floor. CTA records every call that comes into and out of the site, so we have a record of everything that has happened if we ever need to verify a situation. We also take measures to ensure that your data is not stored in our systems longer than necessary and that our recordings do not contain any card information after the live call takes place. Throughout our site we have high definition security cameras with full audio, so we have eyes on what is going on in our center at all times. Any additional measures you would like us to take to secure you and your customers information we are happy to comply with! You can feel completely safe working with CTA!

This varies depending on a few things. First, how quickly do you want to get going? It is our first priority to meet your needs. The second primary factor would be how much system, script and training development, or compliance measures your campaign would require. The third thing to consider would be how many agents you would like to test with. Whatever your requirements,  we will do our very best to meet your deadlines and will make sure to be open and honest with you about how long we expect our set up to take. 

Typically there is more collaboration involved in the launch of the test portion, depending on how much development is needed on our end. However, once the campaign is up and going, you can be as involved as you want to be. We welcome daily interaction with our partners if they desire, but we also understand that is usually not what our partners are looking for when outsourcing. We will set up regular reporting 

Absolutely! That is our area of expertise and with our assistance with your sales scripts and processes, you can take your business to the next level and stand out from your competition. Of course we will include you in this process 100% and ultimately it is your business and your customers, so you are in control! 

We are located in Springfield, Missouri at one of the busiest intersections in the city. We are also located across the street from Bass Pro Shops, debatably one of the biggest attractions in Springfield. This gives us incredible exposure to potential employees and this along with our company culture has allowed us to hire and retain employees at an impressive rate. 

Unlike many contact centers, CTA offers a trial period. We want to make sure that you are confident in your choice to outsource with CTA and that it is going to be a benefit to both parties. We will generally test for 30 days, but can extend this if needed. We can test with anywhere from 2-10 agents depending on the ultimate size of the campaign. It is a contracted test with and we will charge for our services during the test, but once it is over, there is no commitment required and we assess the best way to move forward for your company at that time. We will get preliminary scripts and training platforms together that will be adjusted as we go. We will hire the right people and run the campaign for the contracted time frame. Ultimately, we are flexible to what you need from this testing period to truly find if CTA is the best fit for your company. We are all about finding the win-win scenarios for CTA and our partners. 

CTA is very flexible with our pricing structures and have had partners who pay per minute, per hour, and per sale. We are happy to adjust our quotes and payment schedule around what works best for your company. Contact us today and we would love to discuss your needs in more detail to give you a customized quote. 

At CTA, we are a family owned call center. We have small town values and provide incredible service to our partners. As a management team we are highly experienced in the industry and have the capabilities of a big time call center with the flexibility that only a small business can offer.