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How We Correct Unwanted Behavior In Our Call Center

In our series on the steps of the one-minute manager style, we have discussed one-minute goal setting and praise. I am now going to break down how we do the one-minute reprimand in our call center! Exciting, right? Most people would say, no, however the techniques I will show you will make reprimand so much less confrontational than it can be. This element in the series is the one I believe is botched most often and can have the most negative consequences if not handled properly. Commonly, a reprimand situation in our call center will be short and to the point. It will contain two major parts. The first part includes telling the person what they did wrong and how you feel about it. Then, you will pause for a few seconds of silence so they can process this information. The second part of the discussion you will tell the person how valuable they are to the team and what you believe they are capable of. Seems pretty simple right? It is! Along with this basic outline, there are a few things to remember about a successful one-minute reprimand. A great one-minute reprimand is…

  1. Only as Good as the Relationship Built Beforehand

Building a relationship with each person on your team requires investing time in them as a person. Getting to know them a bit and letting them know that you care about them and value them on your team. This also includes consistently delivering praise when they are meeting expectations. If you fail to notice when they are doing well and they don’t know you care, chances are they will not feel success on your team, and they will not stick around long.

2. Immediate

An effective reprimand situation takes place as close as possible to the date that the error took place as possible. Within a few days of the mistake is ideal, if the error can be caught in live monitoring and addressed within the half hour – even better! Once an issue has sat for weeks without being addressed, it is no longer going to mean much to the recipient. They likely will not remember the instance, and if they do, there is a chance they could have already adjusted their process. Best results will come with feedback delivered right away!

3. Focuses on the Behavior, Not the Person

This is a big one! Also, it is pretty self-explanatory, however just ensure you are eliminating verbiage that could smack a label on your team member as lazy, dishonest, forgetful, etc. Instead, focus on the behavior and how you feel this is out of character for them and remind them that you believe they are capable of meeting the one-minute goals that were set.

With those key ideas in mind, you should have a very successful one-minute reprimand! We would love to hear how you handle the correction in your business and what you have found successful. Please let us know and keep an eye out for our next blog coming soon!